I joined BEURLE as a new recruit from a different industry. Training on the job and in targeted seminars, as well as through the support of long-standing employees, made my start easier and gave me the opportunity to steadily expand my area of responsibility and grow. At BEURLE I also had the chance to apply and use the skills I had acquired so far. Today I appreciate the very independent way of working and the variety in a very wide range of tasks with great colleagues. The fun, which is not neglected in all the professional work, also characterizes working at Beurle.

Ulla Hartl, Assistant since 2017

After my court practice, I started my training as an associate at BEURLE and successfully passed the bar exam in 2023. At BEURLE, I appreciate the varied tasks, exciting cases and the lovely team, not to mention the extensive training and preparation for the exam. Despite the long time at BEURLE, I always enjoy coming back and am happy to be a member of our team.

Alexander Mayr, Associate since 2020

After passing the bar exam, I made a conscious decision to pursue a career as a counsel and I greatly value the fact that working at Beurle enables me to effectively balance my personal and professional interests. I work highly independently on interesting cases in my field of expertise, keep up to date on the latest developments in my field, and am able to strike a good balance between family and career by working part-time. The individually arranged agreements and mutual flexibility create a win-win situation at Beurle.

Christina Becksteiner, Counsel, in our firm since 2013

I have already completed most of my training at Beurle. In addition to a sound educational foundation in all areas of law, which was essential to pass the exam, I was later able to focus my attention on areas of law that I am particularly interested in and have gained a great deal of experience. This naturally makes it much easier to embark on my career as an attorney at law. The partners discussed the opportunities in the firm following my admission to the bar very openly and in good time, so that this transition was seamless. And having already passed a number of different career milestones, I have nothing but praise for the cooperation and solidarity within the team.

Matthias Pichler, Attorney at law, in our firm since 2015