Non-legal careers

BEURLE is a growth-oriented law firm, with emphasis on organic growth.

The goal is to ensure the future of the firm by providing perfect service to our clients through constant, competent personnel at various levels.

The back office plays an important role in this regard – its competence ensures smooth operations.



A beginning: Apprenticeship as law office assistant

We train not only legal trainees, but also office assistants (focus on legal practice).

The training is regulated by the training regulations.

In three years, all facets of the profession are taught, from assistance to debt collection, accounting to insolvency processing, and this from the first day in practical action (with supervision by the vocational school).

After successful completion of the training, all areas of activity in the back office of a law firm are open to you.



… supports the lawyer in his or her daily work.

The hub of the team takes care of file maintenance, deadline management, correspondence, web-ERV, appointment management, office organization – everything that arises around the legal core activity.

Educational background: Matura and commercial/office experience or apprenticeship as an office assistant.

Specialization modules for clerical work

Often complementary to the job profile assistant

Clerical processing of company register

Independent preparation and processing of company register applications with the underlying documents. Preparation and organization of the processing. Communication with clients and the Commercial Register Court.

Clerical processing of land register and trusteeship

Providing professional and routine support to lawyers in the processing of real estate transactions. Preparation of land register applications, ranking applications, preparation of purchase contracts, handling of trusteeships.

Clercial processing of insolvency

With each new insolvency, one enters a new industry and its peculiarities. The insolvency administrator as managing director and the clerk as support take over operational activities as well as strategic decisions. From accounting and reports to marketing and sales, everything is involved in this field of activity. Ideal for stress-resistant individuals who love variety and challenges, and who do not lose sight of the accuracy that financial transactions require in all of this.

Clerical processing of debt collection

Every law firm needs the professional who takes care of getting clients the money they are entitled to, be it outstanding invoices or claims already awarded by the court. The clerk
The clerk has an overview of the various procedural steps, from the reminder to the execution, and also manages the payments received (third-party money).
An Eldorado for number crunchers.