Transport and Logistics

including drafting logistics contracts as well as defense and prosecution of transport damage claims

Handling the flow of materials and goods is a core sector of today’s global economy. But how do you determine who is responsible for what, who is liable under which circumstances, and to what extent?
We create a structure for your transport and logistics contracts that allows you to leverage the greatest advantage, and we are ready to help you if the unexpected arises.

  • Representation of transport companies (freight forwarders, carriers, warehouse keepers, logisticians) to defend against claims arising from loss of or damage to goods, failure to meet delivery deadlines or errors in cash on delivery, including handling insurance issues
  • Safeguarding your rights of recourse against sub-contractors
  • Exercising and defending rights of lien and retention
  • Pursuing claims from transport damages against transporters and insurance providers
  • Road freight transport in accordance with CMR, rail transport, sea and air freight and multimodal transport, warehousing and logistics
  • Drafting agreements, forms, and terms and conditions
  • Consulting in customs matters