Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We advise on corporate transactions and mergers, both in the private and public sector. At your side, we accompany the entire process as a “MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM”.

Asset Deal and Share Deal
How to increase revenues, how to increase the market share? It is a fact that growth strategies often include the acquisition of other corporations or parts of such corporations. Strategically, however, it can also be of interest to sell a corporation or a part thereof. We accompany the entire process. We advise you on the right transaction structure, carry out the legal due diligence, sit at your side during negotiations, draw up the contracts and ensure compliance with the legal requirements (e.g. by answering antitrust and competition law questions and by obtaining the necessary approvals)

At Home and Abroad
We accompany our clients in their growth activities at home and abroad. In cross-border transactions, you benefit from our network of first-class international partner law firms.

Sparring Partner
It goes without saying that we provide you with all our legal experience and expertise. In addition, clients however also appreciate us as a “sparring partner” when reflecting on strategic approaches. In this sense, we see ourselves as versatile consultants with a solution-oriented approach.

Strategic partnerships, Joint Ventures
In many cases, corporate transactions are preceded by strategic partnerships or such may serve as a good alternative. We provide profound expertise and advice you setting up a joint venture with the partner of your choice. Compliance with regulatory requirements also plays a significant role. Paying attention to antitrust and competition law aspects is essential and their consideration is a basic prerequisite for joint ventures.