Training to become an attorney

We offer our associates the opportunity to undergo comprehensive “basic training” in the key areas that typify a corporate law firm. To this end, our associates initially work for all our attorneys in a broad range of legal areas of business law to obtain the necessary “basic training” (also for the bar exam) that every attorney should have, as well as to become familiar with the different approaches and working styles of each of our attorneys. Our associates work on their cases highly independently right from the start and are allowed and encouraged to take on responsibility and have client contact. Regularly scheduled meetings foster our in-house communication and cooperation.

Each associate is assigned to a partner who serves as his or her manager. This ensures the involvement and ongoing development of the associates. The seminars required for training and work, which are financed by the law firm, are also mutually agreed on and coordinated.

At the beginning of his or her employment, each associate is also assigned a sponsor, who is responsible to ensure swift and seamless onboarding and straightforward support in organizational and interpersonal matters. Sponsors are associates who have already been working for the firm for a longer period of time and are thus well placed to pass on their experience, working methods, tips and short-cuts.

After a period of about one to two years, our associates are then assigned to a team – in line with their qualifications – comprising one or more attorneys and associates. The associate’s preferred focus of professional activity is also taken into account to the best possible extent. In this way, our associates are given the opportunity to specialize in certain areas of law in order to maintain the high level of consulting services customary to our firm.

Additional special leave is granted by the firm as study leave to prepare for the bar exam.

Once the bar exam is completed, future career opportunities in our law firm are explored together. That is why we find it imperative that, in addition to the required basic training, our associates also receive specialized training in order to be able to succeed as attorneys later in their career.