Public Commercial Law

We advise our clients across a broad spectrum of areas within public commercial law, including the following special areas:

Public procurement law

  • Assistance in the award procedure – tender documents, tender procedure, award decision, review procedure
  • Consultation for candidates and tenderers during the award procedure and representation for the purpose of securing the contract

Competition and antitrust matters

  • Cartel proceedings
  • Austrian Federal Competition Authority (BWB) proceedings
  • Merger control

Facilities and plants, commercial and construction

  • Business licenses, plant operating permits, and other issues pertaining to commercial law
  • Environmental impact assessment procedures, waste management and water law, construction law
  • Local public transport, telecommunications, and other liberalized markets

State aid law

  • Consulting in connection with matters of state aid law

Public service law

  • Advice and representation in employment law matters at federal, state and municipal administrative level
  • Advice and representation in disciplinary proceedings

Administrative penal proceedings