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In our consulting practice, we have noticed that the number of tasks that cities and municipalities (as well as other regional authorities) perform not in a sovereign capacity, but within the framework of so-called private sector administration, is increasing more and more. Due to the diversity of the legal areas involved, more and more complex legal questions arise, often at the interfaces between different legal areas. We have therefore made it our special task to answer these complex legal questions quickly and efficiently. We advise cities, municipalities, states and also other public bodies in these legal areas.


BEURLE Rechtsanwälte has decades of experience in this field.

Our joint topics

Municipal Compliance
For which legal act (conclusion of a contract, grant, establishment of a company, etc.) do I need the approval of the municipal council or another body? Under what conditions can I delegate my authority to another (municipal) body or an employee? What am I allowed to do without a specific legal basis and what am I not allowed to do?
We will be happy to assist you with questions of delimitation and compliance issues.

State aid law
Under what conditions am I allowed to grant subsidies or finance the municipality’s own outsourced companies? Cities and municipalities intervene in competition in many ways and risk possible violations of EU state aid law and its consequences.
We help you to identify risks and, above all, to find legally secure solutions.

Public procurement law
Contracts awarded by cities and municipalities, whether for construction, services or supplies, are subject to public procurement law.
We provide comprehensive advice, from the selection of the award procedure and the preparation of procedural documents to representation in review proceedings.

Energy Law
In the future, cities and municipalities will be able to supply themselves and their citizens with renewable energy, e.g. from photovoltaic systems, at low cost.
We are happy to support you in the implementation of a Local Energy Community.

Market regulation
The regulation and organization of markets is an important task of cities and municipalities. Take advantage of the scope for action that exists away from the usually well-rehearsed routine.
We show you new approaches to solutions and the limits of the law.

Under what conditions (under company law, public procurement law and state aid law) may companies be spun off into a private legal form or may tasks be transferred to private companies?
We work out individual models together with you and prepare the necessary contract documentation including all ancillary documents (including official presentations for the municipal council if desired).

Infrastructure and financing
You want to build a new bridge and are looking for the optimal way of financing and realization? Are you wondering whether you can outsource this task?
We will work out the optimal solution with you.

Local public transport
We will gladly advise you on questions of financing and organization.

Civil law aspects of the activity of municipalities and their enterprises
In the private sector administration and especially in outsourced operations, many questions of civil law arise for cities and municipalities.
Here too you are in good hands with us.

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